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Inked Gaming Mouse Pad Review

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  • Washable

  • Non Slip 

  • Stitched Edge

  • Pink Galaxy

  • Non Slip 

  • Water Resistant

  • Ultra-smooth  

  •  Durable 

  • Water Resistant


A good inked gaming mouse pad is one of the most overlooked accessories for gamers and PC users. While a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and speakers are all important pieces of any setup, a high-quality mouse pad can make a huge difference in your performance while gaming or working. This is why I was excited to try out the Inked Gaming Mouse Pad from!

Inked Gaming Mouse Pad is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality mouse pad with a great design.

The Inked Gaming Mouse Pad is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality mouse pad with a great design. The size is just right, and this product can be used by everyone. The material is high quality, which means the pad will last for years to come without getting worn out or damaged easily. It’s also priced fairly well at only $15, so that makes it even better!

With all of these pros, there really aren’t any cons to this product except maybe one minor thing: if you have large hands/fingers/arms then you might find using this mousepad uncomfortable (but even then I’d still say try it anyways). Overall though I would definitely recommend buying an Inked Gaming Mouse Pad!


Inked Galaxy Gaming Mouse Pad

Product Details:

  • (Large and Extended Size) The size of this XXL large mouse pad is 31.5×15.75×0.12 inches, which is large enough to suit your full-sized keyboard, mouse, laptop, or other items on the desk, providing extra space for professional gaming or official procedure. Besides, you can also use this extended mouse pad as a desk pad, writing pad, and platform protection mat. Keep your desk clean and uncluttered.
  • (Ultra Smooth Surface) This extended mouse pad is straightforward to be cleaned with a wet rag or washed, with no deformation, and is far more durable than other ones. Covered by the superfine fabric, the mouse pad incorporates a soft and smooth surface, helps you track the mouse fast and accurately, and maximally enhances your gaming/working experience.
  • (Non-Slip Rubber Base) The bottom base of the complete desk mouse pad is created of fine natural rubber, which isn’t harmful to human health. It will not have an unpleasant smell compared with other wrist rest pads. Designed with dense textured rubber, the mouse pad will grip your desk firmly, avoid random movement and supply stable operation for your mouse/keyboard.
  • (Washable and Stitched Edges) The water-resistant coating effectively prevents damage from spilled water or drinks. This mouse and keyboard mat are straightforward to be cleaned with a wet towel or washed, durable enough for a very long time using. Double-stitched edges protect the mousepad from wear, deformation, and fraying.
  • (Friendly Customer Service) Package: 1 Pack XXL Large Mouse Pad (31.5×15.7 inch). If you’ve got any issues with our gaming mouse pad, please allow us to know. Our service team is always here and prepared to assist you at any time.

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Large Mouse Pad XL Pink

Product Details:

  • (LARGE MOUSE MAT) This mouse pad was designed in 31.5 × 15.75 × 0.12 inch/800x400x3 mm, which is enough to cover the realm for a full-sized keyboard, mouse, laptop, and other items, like your water glass, and it still has an oversized amount of movement space. Applies to all or any kinds of keyboards and mice, providing much room for professional gaming or work.
  • (SMOOTH SURFACE and simple TO ROLL) Product of soft fiber woven material that gives an ultra-smooth surface and thick edges. Performance-tuned surface provides peak accuracy and consistency for gaming mice by providing optimal sensor imagery that translates mouse movement into precise cursor movement even at high speeds, supplying you with a satisfying experience during your work or game.
  • (NON-SLIP RUBBER BASE) The mouse pad base is created of sentimental non-slip rubber which may firmly grip the desktop, effectively prevent the mouse and keyboard from sliding and moving, and won’t make an additional mess to your desk. The rubber base is harmless to human health and can not produce unpleasant odors.
  • (WATER RESISTANT and simple TO CLEAN) The surface is manufactured from high-density waterproof coating fabric, after you sprinkle water or food thereon, you simply have to wipe it with a humid cloth, This mouse pad is easy to scrub with water without fading, and after cleaning, just put it in a very ventilated place and wait for it to be dry.
  • (DELICATE STITCHED EDGES FOR DURABLE) Double-stitched edges protect the mat from fraying and degumming, and can not be easily torn for continuous use. It also enhances the aesthetic and lifespan of the mat. If you’ve got any questions about our products, please allow us to know, We are always here for you.

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iCasso Gaming Mouse Pad 

Product Details:

  • (Extended Large Mouse Pad Size) Large Desk mats measure: 35.4 x 15.7 inches. The desk pad is large enough to possess a mouse, gaming keyboard, and other desk items while maintaining protecting your desk all the time. Just immerse into your work or games without fear of the annoying mouse pad movement.
  • (Ultra-smooth Surface) With Comfortable Lycra Surface and Breathable Material to the pads. Making your mice glide on its surface effortlessly may provide optimum speed and accurate control during your working or gaming.
  • (Non-slip Rubber Base) With rubberized non-slip grip and texture, let you employ this mouse pad on any surface. While sturdy, it’s flexible enough to be rolled up for simple transport, to maneuver around so you’ll be able to work or game wherever you would like. The rubber base keeps the complete surface in situ preventing the fabric from bunching up to keep up smooth mouse movement across the complete desktop.
  • (Waterproof Coating) The surface of the waterproof material effectively prevents accidental damage from liquid spillages like water, coffee, and juice. When the liquid splashes on the desk mat, easy to wash without delaying your work or game.
  • (Durable and cozy Material) Material is thick and feels soft within the hand, which might help to muffle noise after you type on the pads heavily. Our 3 mm thick mousepad gives your hands ease and is formed of high-quality material which offers comfortable gaming or working. High-quality electronic device pad edges are finished so on not fray, deformation, and degumming in prolonged use and are comfortable for your wrists and hands.

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The Inked Gaming Mouse Pad is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality mouse pad with a great design.


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